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One in Thirty Women to recommend on Leap Year

Some claim that the heritage of females suggesting with their associates started in 5th 100 years Ireland, but in 2016 it’s obviously going powerful as almost one in 30 UK women in interactions are forecasted to take charge and also make the absolute most with this step season on February 29th.

Based on the learn, an amazing quantity of feminine leap 12 months proposals arise in 2016, with three per cent of females who happen to be at this time matchmaking or even in an union stating that they thinking about swallowing practical question for their partner regarding 29th March – the same as 148,000 women nationwide.

This Leap 12 months Day one eHarmony achievements few are taking the leap of trust – survive television!

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Varying views exist on how this customized began, however lots of attribute the heritage to 5th century Ireland, when St. Brigid reported to St. Patrick that ladies was required to hold off long for males to recommend. She recommended that ladies must be able to pop the question also as well as in exchange, St. Patrick recommended that proposals is allowed on ‘leap days’.

Despite this, when searching beyond leap time, the actual quantity of hitched or interested ladies who suggested to their spouse continues to be reasonably low, with men taking only duty for almost three quarters of all matrimony proposals on the whole.

But opinions on matter tend to be slowly modifying – more than a third of Brits agree that women have the maximum amount of right as guys to put the question. Interestingly, more guys than girl agree with this point. Not all stereotypes were fully eroded however, as among women, very nearly a third however think its a person’s work to suggest.

However the undeniable fact that some females could not give consideration to getting upon one leg may possibly also cause bad repercussions as nearly 2.5 million men think ladies place excessively pressure on the additional halves to suggest. Despite this, just 4% of females declare to asking or hinting because of their partner to pop practical question.

Because of the stress a part of suggesting to somebody, one in five (22percent) couples made a decision to eliminate the method altogether, producing a shared decision getting hitched as an alternative. A tenth (11%) of individuals also believe proposing is an outdated idea – with this view as likely to be used by over-55s since it is younger men and women.


This February 29th, included its first actually live broadcast proposition remembering leap season, which watched Caroline recommend to her partner on real time TV with some help from eHarmony. Watch on the internet today!

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